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  • Maryellen J Lewis

    Maryellen J Lewis

    Chair-Global Fair Banking Initiative; Natl Community Reinvestment Coalition; fair finance, fair housing, inclusion. I'm new to Twitter - please bear with me!

  • Angie Kwik

    Angie Kwik

    Wife to 1. Mother of 3. Advocate for employees seeking workplace justice. I ❤️ ice cream.

  • GM Law Firm LLC

    GM Law Firm LLC

    GM Law Firm specializes in advocating for consumer rights and in protecting people from unfair debt collection practices and debt collection harassment.

  • Martin Woodward

    Martin Woodward

    Without prefix, without suffix, without apology.

  • Linda Almonte

    Linda Almonte

    Bank Whistleblower, Litigation Consulting, Seminars, Public Speaking, Legislative Affairs, Consumer Education

  • The Leadership Conference

    The Leadership Conference

    The nation’s oldest and largest civil and human rights coalition.

  • Frank Scordato

    Frank Scordato

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